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Whilst national restrictions regarding Covid-19 have been lifted, we require users to:

- stay home if unwell or self-isolating

- wear a mask on entry and when moving around the House, unless exempt. Masks can be taken off once seated

- use the hand sanitiser provided

- ventilate the room by opening the windows, weather permitting

- clean down the surfaces in their area at the end of their sessions using the wipes provided (including tables, door handles, etc) 

By submitting this form you are agreeing to these requirements.*

We are delighted that you have chosen St Matthew's Church House as your possible venue. 

Please complete this form as fully as possible so we can do all we can to meet your needs.  A miminum of 10 working days notice is advised.


1. We are a Christian organisation and, as such, will only accept bookings from individuals or groups who are in line with our Welcome Policy. The decision lies with the PCC (Parochial Church Council) and their decision is final. If you are unsure, please Contact Us

2. You must confirm that you have your own Public Liabilty Insurance (PLI). If you do not have your own PLI, please Contact Us as there are specific circumstances where we may be able to support you. If this is the first time you have booked with us, we will need to see copies of your insurance; we will email you for this.

3. If you are working with children, young people, or vulnerable adults, you must confirm that you have appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures. 

4. You must agree to our Conditions of Use

5. If you are able to be flexible with the date you require, please offer preferred options so we can try to accommodate you. Please include the full time required, including time to set up and tidy away. 

6. If you have a preferred room, please let us know. See Our Rooms and Facilities for full descriptions and current prices.

7. Times of sessions - you must include the full time you plan to be in the House. This includes time to set up and tidy away. You must adhere to these times as other groups may be booked before/after your session.

8. Refreshments (tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits. Please provide your own milk) are available at a cost of £1 per person per session or you can choose to bring your own. .

9. Please note our Cancellation Policy: 

More than 14 days before your session No fees payable
More than 7 days before your session 50% fees payable
Within 7 days of your session 100% fees payable


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St Matthews Room (ground floor)
St Marks Room (ground floor)
St Augustines Room (first floor)
St Weburghs Room (first floor/one to one room)
No preference, please allocate
Preferred date and times, please include the time you need to set up and tidy away. If you wish to book multiple dates, please give full details in the Notes box below::
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Refreshments (please bring your own milk):
Please provide tea/coffee/sugar/biscuits at £1 per person per session
I will provide my own refreshments
I confirm that: (refer to Before You Begin if you do not have Public Liability Insurance):
I agree to the Conditions of Use
I have Public Liability Insurance
I have Safeguarding Polices (if appropriate)
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