image of cursillo dove and branchOriginally from Spain and now a movement within the worldwide church, Cursillo (pronounced "kur-see-yo") is open to all confirmed, committed Christians who want to take a fresh look at what the church has always taught - the Good News, the miraculous and joyous discovery of Christ's endless love for all people.

Here at St Matthew's, we are a small, faithful band of pilgrims who support and encourage each other in our prayer, study and action lives, enabling us to persevere in our calling to be witnesses for Jesus Christ in every situation in our lives.

We meet once a month, usually last Wednesday at 8pm (at different locations). Explorers are always welcome to simply come and see. We also attend the Cursillo weekend and other events organised by Chester Diocese Anglican Cursillo.  

You may also be interested in the British Anglican Cursillo Council.

For more information, contact us through 

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